Moose Viewing

Catch A Glimpse of a Moose

Coming to the White Mountains
for some Moose Viewing and Need a Place to Stay?

Check out some local hotels at:

Or Camp right Near the Moose at
one of these Campgrounds: Twin\Camping

There are also timeshare rentals available in the White Mountains - a great lodging option for when you're exploring the White Mountains and looking for moose!

Dangers of Moose

Moose Sightings can happen from your car! Watch out for moose running along the road.
Use caution when pulling off, taking care not to startle either the moose or other drivers.
Be aware that this dark-colored animal does not show up well at night.

Please Drive Defensively!

Brake for Moose


Moose viewers from around the world have generously shared their moose photos with us....
newest photos at bottom.

Friendly Moose in Bethlehem, NH
Moose and Cat